An Elaborate Process With Many Stages

Computer software development is an elaborate process with many stages that are undertaken during software engineering. These stages form what is called the Life Cycle. For clarity purposes, Software or computer software is that component of a computer structure that consists of programmed or encoded information and instructions. These instructions are the ones that enable the user to execute different functions with the computer. Proper software development is a distinct, well-planned sequence of stages that are involved in software engineering, in order to furnish the anticipated software product. Moreover, the following basic steps are involved in the development.

Communication between the software developer (service provider) and the User – It entails request communication from the user to the software developer/ engineer. This is with regard to details of the required software. The request is submitted in writing. The user contacts the organization and terms are negotiated.

The major stages involved in software development will be listed on this site and the major software development paradigms as well. This will be a clear insight on Software Development.